Valanon Thalos

Last Son of the Spirit Tribe


The last member of the spirit tribe, Valanon has matched up with a vast array of Friends, foes, and Friends that have turned into foes. Valanon is a man driven by emotion, Family ties, and Portals. He is also a descendant of the Angel Alasaria, one of the members of the party that aided Miles in his hunt for Dearan 1,000 years ago. Valanon inherited Alasarias legacy weapon known only as Alasarias Blade, which can change into any weapon of valanons choosing. Armed with Alasarias Blade, a little rage, and his trusty Spirit shotgun, Valanon and the others he calls his “friends” cut through Omega’s Forces to Reclaim peace to the plain of Genisis.

(Valanon, so far, has died 3 times, scratch that, 4 now, and no longer has a permanent body. +1 for spirit energy! )

“Valanon Mercilessly jumps through any portal set in front of him.”

(Swords and Portals)

Valanon Thalos

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