Founder of Zephyr


This Easterner is a master of disguise. Something about him makes him appear more wise than the age of his face.


Keitaro grew up in an unknown eastern land. He spent his youth studying ninjitsu in a small village. During his training, he discovered that, after his body seemed to hit the age of 25, it stopped aging. At first, he thought it was the result of his training. After a decade, it was clear to him that was not the case. He would never age again. After watching everyone close to him age and die; he headed west.

During his travels fell the dark ages. After his recent experience in his home town, this only wore on Keitaro’s already beaten spirit. As he watched the world fall into turmoil, he saw one group of brave heroes risk it all to save people they didn’t even know. That was the answer. Keitaro was destined to rise above and make a difference.

It was clear to Keitaro that becoming friends or lovers with anyone else would only end in pain, so he became no one. Always hiding his face, he discovered that when you are no one, you can be anyone. With a simple change of clothes and demeanor, he could change to any identity.

This began his long-lived career as a paid assassin. A career that led him through many wars. The job payed well, but it made no difference in the long run. No matter who won, a few years later it would all begin again for another arbitrary reason. He couldn’t understand why the people of this land, already cursed with such short life spans, were so eager to kill each other early.

He cannot accept this. This can be changed. Keitaro must teach the children to live together…not die together.


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