Races of Genesis


Racial Mods: +4 WIS, -2 STR

Racial Abilities: Divine; Angelic Overdrive

A race of half-celestials, the Aasimar look mostly human. Some Aasimar also have halos, or have a glowing aura. Aasimar with a particularly strong angelic bloodline also have been known to have wings.

Individuals born with celestial blood are collectively referred to as the Aasimar. Though some are elven, most are human. Aasimar are usually good-aligned and are very skilled priests and healers. There is no Aasimar homeland, for they usually are raised by their mortal parents.


Racial Mods: +4 WIS, +2 FORT, -2 STR

Racial Abilities: Divine; Miracle; Angelic Overdrive

Angels are tall slender beings, with pale skin and wings. They also sometimes have halos and a glowing aura. Their hair and eyes are typically a light color, ranging from a golden blond to pure white.

Angels are the creations of divine holy Gods and are the guardians of the Celestial plane. Rarely seen on Genesis, they avoid interfering with the affairs of mortals. From time to time, they are sent on divine missions on material planes. They often serve as soldiers in the Holy Wars against the Hells and the Abyss.


Racial Mods: +4 INT, +4 WIS, -2 STR, -2 FORT

Racial Abilities: Psychic; Atlantean Overdrive

Near-human appearance with a few exceptions. Being a race with amazing psychic power, they are slimmer than their human counterparts, using their minds in place of manual labor. They are average in height and typically have hair and eye colors ranging from black to a variety of shades between blue, purple and white.

One of the oldest races on Genesis, not much is known about the Atlanteans. For thousands of years, they lived on the Isle of Magic and maintained almost no contact with the outside world. Now there are very few Atlantean left in the world, due to a catastrophe involving Zexion in his youth.


The Avians are another old race of Genesis and nearly as diverse as the elves. Once the Avians were united under a single banner and ruled an entire continent. Their constant fight against their mortal enemies, the Dracnor, eventually led to their downfall. Since then, Avians have become a rare sight in Genesis. Several different sub-races of Avian exist and are listed as follows.

High Avian

Racial Mods: +8 INT, +2 FORT, -6 STR

Racial Abilities:

High Avians are tall, lean near-humans, averaging around 7’. They have bright eyes and similar hair to humans.

High Avians were once the leaders of their people. With their high intelligence, they founded the Avian Empire. They lack the brute strength of their lower brethren but posses much more intelligent.

Gold Avian

Racial Mods: +2 STR, +4 DEX, +2 WIS, -4 FORT

Racial Abilities: Sacred Energy

Gold Avians look much like their High brethren.

Legends say that the Gods blessed the Avians in their never-ending war against the Dracnor. The Royal Family was said to be descended directly from Ava, the Goddess of the Avians, and her blood runs through their veins. Those of royal stock are able to call upon the legendary Sacred Energy with her blessing in times of great need. It was this devastating power that allowed the Avian Empire to finally destroy the Dracnor hordes, though the cost to do so was incredible.

Low Avian

Racial Mods: +8 STR, +4 FORT, -4 INT, -4 SPD

Racial Abilities: Beserker Rage

Low Avians are tall stocky near-humans with dull eyes.

Low Avians were once the most common type of Avian, but since the fall of the Avian Empire, their numbers have fallen to very low numbers. They’re the least intelligent of their kind, but what they lack in intellect, they make up for in sheer brute strength.


Racial Mods: +4 STR, +2 FORT, -2 INT

Racial Abilities: Unholy, Chaos

Demons come in a huge variety of appearances with no look being standard. They range from a human appearance to huge monstrosities

These infernal beings from the Abyss always bring trouble when they come to Genesis. Mortal enemies of Angels and Devils, Demons bring chaos wherever they go. The Demons are also engaged in a conflict known as the Blood War where their infinite hordes battle the Devils of the Nine Hells.


Racial Mods: +4 WIS, +2 FORT, -2 DEX

Racial Abilities: Unholy, Order, Contracts

Devils come in a huge variety of appearances with no look being standard. They range from a human appearance to huge monstrosities

These infernal beings from the Nine Hells are self serving and care nothing for others. They gain their power from the souls of the damned and as such are always looking for new souls to corrupt. Mortal enemies of the Demons and Angels, they are constantly fighting in a conflict known as the Blood War against the Demons of the Abyss.


Racial Mods: +4 STR, +4 FORT, -2 INT

Racial Abilities: Dragonborn

The Dragonborn are humans with the blood of ancient dragons flowing through their veins. They often have a subtle aura and blazing eyes.

Descendants of the ancient dragons, the Dragonborn possess much of the powers their ancestors held. Only a few scattered tribes of the Dragonborn are left on Genesis and they typically avoid contact with the outside world. However, Dragonborn are charismatic, friendly and possess a strong sense of justice.




Racial Mods: N/A

Racial Abilities: Quick to Learn

Humans are usually around 5’ and 6’ tall and come in a wide variety of builds. Hair colors ranges from black to blond, red to brown.

Humans are the most common race upon Genesis. Always on the move, countless human nations have risen and fallen over the centuries. Due to their shorter life span, they reach maturity much faster than other races.



Races of Genesis

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