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  • ALMissionReport1

    *Mission:* Recruit the Assassin
    *Location:* Aryan
    *Zephyr Members Involved* * [[:nykolai | Nykolai]] (Acting Team Leader) * Dominick * [[:sebastian | Sebastian]] * Lucan (Minor Informative Capacity)
    p. As we were departing …

  • The Time is Near

    It has been ten years and we've come so far. Zephyr has finally reached the point to put our ideals into practice. After we tie up our one unfortunate loose end, we begin the project; Zephyr will become known. Obviously, the location will still …

  • Zephyr

    *Roster* *Leader*
    [[:77613 | Keitaro]]
    [[:77989 | Alicia]]
    [[:77988 | Amadeus]]
    [[:77992 | Cecil]]
    [[:78116 | Goric]]
    [[:77990 | Abel]]
    [[:77991 | Allistar]]
    Dominick< …

  • Sebastian

    A tiefling who grew up as a slave after his father was murdered by those who took his freedom. His time as a slave serving others has become engraved into his personality. As if second nature, he will serve people around him with simple tasks such as …

  • Nykolai

    Nykolai spent his youth with family and friends in a gypsy troupe that traveled throughout the kingdoms up until the fateful day when the troupe was attacked by slavers. Many of the people he knew and loved were killed or forced into slavery. Luckily, he …

  • Keitaro

    Keitaro grew up in an unknown eastern land. He spent his youth studying ninjitsu in a small village. During his training, he discovered that, after his body seemed to hit the age of 25, it stopped aging. At first, he thought it was the result of his …

  • "Malik" Urdnot Goric

    Goric, being the son of the Chieftain of the Mohingan Tribe, was taught only by the best. He was taught by the best hunters, gatherers, trackers, elders, and most of all warriors. When Goric was fifteen he started to notice odd happenings every now and …