Things might actually be getting better.
From the Journal of Dais

At last! The group is all back together. Well….with the exception of Rinaru, who apparently has been working for not only Daedra(yes I’ll say his real name dammit!) but also Loki, right behind our backs. That traitorous double-dealing bastard. But he got what he deserved, a shot to the back of the head and then frozen and shattered into tiny pieces by Zexion. I’m sure that did the trick, though I’ve seen Rinaru come back from some pretty devastating injuries. So who knows? Either way, the group is back together, and we’re working to help the elves of Mitra’Nora deal with Daedra and his minions.

But lets go back a bit, to how we got to that point.

Zexion, Rinaru, and myself set out to Zexion’s old fortress where he says his ship should be. Of course, thanks to the planar binding, we can’t use any kind of fast transit, so we took the long way. We went first by horseback, Zexion kept us at a pretty grueling pace, until we couldn’t bring the horses any farther. Then we walked the rest of the way. One of the nights, when we were getting up to press on, Zexion got up, and took a seemingly random shot at me with his pistol. First thing that came to mind was “DODGE!”, second thing was “WTF, I thought you were on our side”. But I turned around to find that the shot was not meant for me, but for the bastard who appeared right behind me…Loki. After being shot, Loki went into his dark spirit form, and Zexion responded with a little red crystal, which I’m guessing would have trapped him. But Loki got away. We looted his corpse, I got the Book back, and Zexion discovered Loki had been using a telepathic back door in my head to track our progress. He got rid of the back door, and we continued on.

Once we got to Zexion’s fortress, he took control of it and had his machines clear the place out. We had to fight a big construct, but it was dealt with quickly enough. The enemy tried to flee on Zexion’s ship, and we were stalled with three of Zexion’s corrupted androids and a demon. Zexion went ahead of us to stop the ship, and three of Zexion’s uncorrupted androids, Rinaru, and myself dealt with what was left behind. The androids fought each other and the good ones won, and I cut the demon’s wings off and ripped its heart out.

Zexion returned with his ship, and we started to get on board. That’s when Zexion blew the back of Rinaru’s head off, and revealed that the asshole of a devil had been working for Daedra behind our backs. So we looted his body, and reduced it to tiny little frozen pieces and continued on to Mitra’Nora. Along the way we found Oni in a cell on the ship, apparently without any of his abilities. First thought “Haha, that’s what you get for going off for blood magic”, second thought “That really sucks, because now we are down one powerful ally”. But onward we went.

Upon arriving at the city, we were escorted to the library where we were told Miles and the rest of the group were currently at. After a short update there, I had only one thing on my mind. This was the biggest library I had ever seen and I just had to check and see if they had anything that they could offer a near powerless Me. The librarian was helpful, and set me up with a book on Spatial magic, and Rune magic(which looks to be rather complicated). Oni also got the idea to look into Tattoo magic. So we got a book on it, and went with Miles to go see someone about it.

Just when things were getting good, they went and got better. Valanon showed up with a friend who turns out is Jerle’s sister, and had a good bit of news to share. Penndarin is dead! He also had a book left behind by Dearin that seemed to have information on how to use the corruption against its masters. After a bit of fiddling about with it, Oni got it open, apparently because he had the intent to use its knowledge. Miles and Oni used the information inside it to inscribe runes and spells into Oni(similar to the ones used on Will). This has allowed him to use the corruption without being controlled by our enemy, and through it, he can channel blood magic.

Not much else was done after that. Zexion helped me to activate the Dragonborn DNA that I had obtained, and Miles taught me a bit about finesse in combat. After a bit of sparring with Valanon, Ventrace, and Oni, I decided to go off to write this journal entry and read up some more on Spatial magic. So with this all written, I’m off to learn some new tricks.

Free at last, but imprisoned by unforseen circumstances

My deed is done, Penndarin is finally dead. Though as hard as I try, the satisfaction of finally avenging Jerle was short lived. I have come to believe that destroying Penndarin has destroyed a part of who I was. To kill a monster, it takes a monster, and that is what I fear I have become. I destroyed his spirit, there is no return for him. But was it worth it in the end? That is a question that will haunt me for the rest of my days.

Yes, he killed my best friend, and yes I took great satisfaction out of destroying and absorbing his spirit, but it felt to me as though something was missing… until I saw her. I am free of being twisted with hatred, but I feel as though I am imprisoned in my own feelings. Every time I look at her, I feel a great sense of respect and another feeling I haven’t felt since the last time i saw Alasaria. This feeling puzzles me, and goes deeper than the way I felt towards Alasaria. I can’t figure out why I am so compelled to keep her from harm, perhaps it’s because she is Jerle’s sister, but i don’t think it’s that. It seems as though there’s more to me than i thought. I find it impossible to worry about my own safety and well-being before i worry about hers, it worries me. I’ve never felt this way about anyone or anything… I suppose I will have to wait it out and see what happens. Is this love, or just a connection between our fates? Was Jerle meant to die? Is it my fate to meet her, to protect her? I don’t know what my feelings are doing to me. I feel…. happy… a feeling I have not felt in quite some time..

Jerle came to me in my dreams and told me to let go of the past, and look towards the future. Is this it? Am I actually destined for greatness, am I meant for something more? I have slain Penndarin, the man who has driven me to the point of insanity, the man who has kept me hating him for so long that I have been determined not to die until his last breath was released. I have also gained forgiveness from Jerle for killing him, and for failing to keep him alive through his transformation due to the corruption. I have only two things left to do before I can die happy, gain Alasaria’s forgiveness for saying all of the hateful things I said to her and hold my promise to Jerle and keep his sister alive. But is it just a promise? or something more? I’m lost…

Valanon Thalos

The hunt for the proclaimed Demon Emperor

This log begin right after the Great Corruption Dragon was slew by the help of Alex’s book. Upon the completion of this once again great feat of the party members they continued on towards their objective.

Without missing a beat another problem appears Loki shows up. Ventrace has to say “right on cue”. Loki has his talk with the party, steals Ventrace’s ability Sacred Energy, and then has his way with the party. Dais and Alex have a bit of turmoil and begin to spout nonsense about the book which of course Loki hears. Then with out missing a beat again Loki steals said book from Alex’s bag. With his new found toy Loki leaves but without leaving the party with something to play with of course. His Dark Spirit begins to attack right after Loki’s body disapears. Amist the fight Alex’s body becomes possesed by Loki’s spirit. Upon noticing Ventrace deals a final blow to rid the party of Loki but of course he escapes from the body which leaves the party with one less member.

Managing to survive another of Loki’s games the party marches forward. After exiting the mountain pass from which they came the scenery widens and begins to change to what one would say and deserted flatland. Off in the distance to the west the party sees what they assume to be an army headed towards Shian. Upon close review they notice the flags they carry. One of the character Ventrace notices is from within shian’s temple meaning Warlord. With the help of Alex whom desifers the second character comes up with a name. Which is assumed to be the leader of that army. With this large army the party is unable to pass through the flatlands without being noticed so they decide to travel across the bay to the east. With this they travel undisturbed for about 2 days when they all decide to stop and rest. Ventrace decides to meditate and he wants to know the where abouts of Miles to see how he has progressed. Within meditation Dias notices, or so we assume to be Dais Ventrace still seem to have the ability Sacred Energy. Ventrace still trying to find a fixed location on Miles gets a feeling of his presence east of the rakamesh.

The First Post

Well this will hopefully be the first of many adventure logs. This will serve to record the party’s adventures and will hopefully be a great deal of help in keeping track of things.

The party has already been through quite a bit in the oriental land of Xian.

Valanon lost his body and his blade after being attacked by one of Zexion’s mechanical menaces, 01-C. After being captured by a man with mysterious powers, he was forced to assassinate the Emperor. Fortunately, the party managed to stop him and freed him of the dark influence thanks to Ventrace’s Sacred energy.

Ventrace and Shaavin traveled to the capital to consult with the Emperor and met a man named Hiei on the way who claimed to be an ally, sent to help. Ventrace also somehow recovered his energy, despite Loki still having it. Loki appeared after this, confused in how Ventrace managed this, and attempted to kill him. Satisfied that he had succeeded, Loki left. Ventrace woke up afterward, his Sacred energy saving him yet again.

Dais has already begun to regret his decision to bring Alexander back, but continues to press on. He accepted Rinaru’s offer to give him Rivaan vampire and hopes to be an asset to the group as well as obtain enough power to keep Alex in check.


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