The First Post

Well this will hopefully be the first of many adventure logs. This will serve to record the party’s adventures and will hopefully be a great deal of help in keeping track of things.

The party has already been through quite a bit in the oriental land of Xian.

Valanon lost his body and his blade after being attacked by one of Zexion’s mechanical menaces, 01-C. After being captured by a man with mysterious powers, he was forced to assassinate the Emperor. Fortunately, the party managed to stop him and freed him of the dark influence thanks to Ventrace’s Sacred energy.

Ventrace and Shaavin traveled to the capital to consult with the Emperor and met a man named Hiei on the way who claimed to be an ally, sent to help. Ventrace also somehow recovered his energy, despite Loki still having it. Loki appeared after this, confused in how Ventrace managed this, and attempted to kill him. Satisfied that he had succeeded, Loki left. Ventrace woke up afterward, his Sacred energy saving him yet again.

Dais has already begun to regret his decision to bring Alexander back, but continues to press on. He accepted Rinaru’s offer to give him Rivaan vampire and hopes to be an asset to the group as well as obtain enough power to keep Alex in check.


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