The Ability Thief


Alignment: Chaotic Evil (Black/Red)


Loki made his first appearance as the party raced to restore the Spirit Seals at the Water Temple. During their first encounter, he revealed his two abilities, and powerful ones they were. Not only can he negate abilities within a certain radius, he can also steal abilities permanently.

Little is known about his personal life or past although it has been revealed that Omega’s forces hired the assassin Penndarin after Loki betrayed Omega’s forces by stealing several high ranking lords’ abilities. Since then, he has obtained many powers, including Queen Tetriana’s ability and was instrumental in the return of Alexander.

Later when Oni was captured in his pursuit of Blood Magic, Omega’s forces used Loki to render Oni powerless by taking all of his abilities. Loki was only too happy to oblige and also destroyed the mental bond that Oni and Miles shared.

He would ultimately meet his end for this as after Oni escaped, he rallied the party and confronted Loki in the former chamber of the Void Generator. Together with the aid of Dais, Ventrace, Valanon, Zexion, Shaavin, and Cruven, they overcame the thief and killed him.

Upon his death, those he had stolen abilities from gained their powers back. Now in his death, will anyone understand how he was able to do what he did, or what other powers he held?


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