The Corrupt


Alignment: Lawful Evil (Black/White)


Felmar is the leader of the Fell Elves, an elven race that long ago immersed itself to ancient dark magics. The other elven races waged a war against the Fell that almost wiped them out. However, the Fell escaped to Daedroth, where their God, Omega, protected them from the other races. In Daedroth, they were then free to pursue the darkest magics in existence with their God’s blessing. Now that Omega has begun his invasion of Genesis, the Fell Elves serve him willingly, eager to take revenge on their brethren.

Felmar serves as one of Omega’s top generals and is preparing for the invasion of Mitra’Nora, the largest Elven kingdom on Genesis. Cunning and cruel, he looks forward in reclaiming the lands he believes belong in the hands of the Fell.


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