Ruler of the Nine Hells and Lord of the Ninth Level


Alignment: Lawful Evil (Black/White)


The First of the Fallen Angels, Asmodeus is one of the oldest beings in existance. He has ruled the Nine Hells since their creation and is a being as cunning as he is ancient. He has thwarted countless take over attempts including one more recent by the demon Ahriman.

Asmodeus’ own son, Lucifer, could not defeat his father so instead attempted to seal him and reshape the Hells, and appealing to their mortal enemies, the Demons for help. Unfortunately for Lucifer, he was killed by the assassin Naru, where Naru became the lord of Hell. Asmodeus would later regain his freedom thanks to the devil Rinaleth. Now free again, he has restored the Hells to their former state and has restarted the Blood War with renewed fury.


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