Amberle Ohmsford


Alignment: Neutral Good (Red/White) Age: 19


Younger sister of Jerle, Amberle grew up on a small island off the coast of Dreycaris with one of the last remaining tribe of Dragonborn. She never knew her older brother as he was captured as a child during an Imperial raid before she was born. After her parents passed away, she left her home in search of her brother.

Her mission was put on hiatus as she found a much different Dreycaris than the one she heard about as a child. The newly born Federation was fighting for its very survival against the dethroned Emperor and his corrupt army. Seeing the suffering of the people against this new threat, Amberle put aside her search and went to the aid of Wolf and his forces.

Amberle’s world would turn upside down at the arrival of Valanon, as she and Wolf saved him from Loki. As a plan was hatched to defeat the Emperor, she traveled with Valanon, Penndarin and Kenshin toward the capital where Valanon revealed Jerle’s fate to her. Enraged by Penndarin’s role in her brother’s death, she was barely able to restrain herself as she reminded herself that they needed Penndarin’s help. After the Emperor was slain, however, she was unable to hold back against Penndarin’s taunts and attacked him. With Valanon’s help, she was able to avenge her brother.

She now follows Valanon to Mitra’Nora to save the elves and join his companions in their fight against Omega. Leaving Dreycaris behind in an attempt to deal with her past, she has promised herself she will return to save her friends back home.

Young and idealistic, Amberle is quickly finding out the world isn’t a very nice place, but holding her ideals tightly, she fights to change all that.

Amberle Ohmsford

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