"Malik" Urdnot Goric


Goric, being the son of the Chieftain of the Mohingan Tribe, was taught only by the best. He was taught by the best hunters, gatherers, trackers, elders, and most of all warriors. When Goric was fifteen he started to notice odd happenings every now and then. One day on a routine hunt the group of young scouts and hunters that accompanied Goric noticed a small group of Trolls foraging and hunting. Being the good Quaori teenagers they were they ambushed the Trolls. upon entering the fray Goric seemed to move flawlessly through the battle field, almost as if he were untouchable. Quickly he moved in and began to slay troll after troll. Once the battle was over only two survived, Goric and his close childhood friend Turvis. Astonished that they both survived they ran back to the main camp and relayed the story of the glorious fight.

When Goric was nineteen he had another uncontrollable incident happen. During a raid on a fellow Qauori tribe Goric took hits that would have fell a Plateau dragon, but kept on fighting. Typical of the Quaori race to continue fighting through pain, but this was different no damaged was being done to the mountain of a man. He was merely taking the damage and dealing it tenfold back. He was the only one to survive this horrible massacre.

Finally when he was twenty-four during a heating argument with his father about some of the past events his father proclaimed him cursed and banished him from the tribe. Moving to his father as quickly as possibly his rage building steadily, he burst into flames and struck his father just as some warriors cracked him on the back of his head knocking him out. He was branded as an exile and left out on the Plateau to die. That’s where our story begins.

"Malik" Urdnot Goric

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