The Time is Near

A Letter from Founder Keitaro

It has been ten years and we’ve come so far. Zephyr has finally reached the point to put our ideals into practice.

After we tie up our one unfortunate loose end, we begin the project; Zephyr will become known. Obviously, the location will still remain a secret but its inhabitants will be known. We will introduce ourselves throughout the land.

After that, any skills and abilities at our disposal will be used to better life for the people. I want everyone to begin thinking of ideas for what they can do. Maybe it is in your ability to make soil more fertile, then travel to the farmlands and do it in front of people. Can you heal? Run to the clinics whenever you can.

Zephyr is here for the people. We need them to know that anything and everything we do is for the good of the people…for the good of the world.

Keitaro, founder of Zephyr.



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