The hunt for the proclaimed Demon Emperor

This log begin right after the Great Corruption Dragon was slew by the help of Alex’s book. Upon the completion of this once again great feat of the party members they continued on towards their objective.

Without missing a beat another problem appears Loki shows up. Ventrace has to say “right on cue”. Loki has his talk with the party, steals Ventrace’s ability Sacred Energy, and then has his way with the party. Dais and Alex have a bit of turmoil and begin to spout nonsense about the book which of course Loki hears. Then with out missing a beat again Loki steals said book from Alex’s bag. With his new found toy Loki leaves but without leaving the party with something to play with of course. His Dark Spirit begins to attack right after Loki’s body disapears. Amist the fight Alex’s body becomes possesed by Loki’s spirit. Upon noticing Ventrace deals a final blow to rid the party of Loki but of course he escapes from the body which leaves the party with one less member.

Managing to survive another of Loki’s games the party marches forward. After exiting the mountain pass from which they came the scenery widens and begins to change to what one would say and deserted flatland. Off in the distance to the west the party sees what they assume to be an army headed towards Shian. Upon close review they notice the flags they carry. One of the character Ventrace notices is from within shian’s temple meaning Warlord. With the help of Alex whom desifers the second character comes up with a name. Which is assumed to be the leader of that army. With this large army the party is unable to pass through the flatlands without being noticed so they decide to travel across the bay to the east. With this they travel undisturbed for about 2 days when they all decide to stop and rest. Ventrace decides to meditate and he wants to know the where abouts of Miles to see how he has progressed. Within meditation Dias notices, or so we assume to be Dais Ventrace still seem to have the ability Sacred Energy. Ventrace still trying to find a fixed location on Miles gets a feeling of his presence east of the rakamesh.



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