Mission Report: Recruit the Politician

Mission:Recruit the Politician
Zephyr Members Involved

Receiving information that a politician in Damcyan needed our help, Keitaro led a team to the city to find out more. Upon arrival we looked around the city and gathered whatever information we could find. What we were eventually able to uncover was information regarding a politician that still supported the former King Alexander’s beliefs in working with the orcs to secure a more stable and peaceful future.

Considering that we were responsible for removing Alexander from the throne and putting King Gabriel in power, we were pretty much directly responsible for this politicians fall in status.

We went to his estate and was granted an audience with him. Upon meeting him I tried to detect his thoughts and was instantly overwhelmed by the immense speed at which he was capable of thinking. With some effort I was able to end the spell and regain my concentration.

Keitaro explained why we had come to meet with him and asked him to join us. Abel (the politician) conveyed his hesitance, and had good reason to do so. He told us that he believed that sooner or later his political rivals would attempt to have him assassinated. Sebastian and Dominick stayed with Abel while Keitaro and I went to go see what information we could find regarding this.

With a bit of magic and charm I was able to discover that there was indeed an assassination plot against him. The attempt was to be that very night and was to be done by a Black Hand assassin.

Keitaro and I returned and shared this information with the group. Dominick was able to use his own abilities to determine the exact details of how the assassination would occur. We used this information to successfully ambush the assassin and were able to subdue him.

Unable to gain any information directly from the goblin, Sebastian killed it to prevent it from harming anyone else. Dominick used his abilities again and found that King Gabriel was behind the attempt.

Considering all of this, Abel decided to come with us to Zephyr to see how we work and decide then if he wanted to lend us his support.

Mission Results

Report by: Nykolai



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