Mission Report: Attempted Capture of Rydia

Mission:Attempt to capture Rydia
Location:Marr, Zephyr
Zephyr Members Involved

While in Marr I had found some information regarding one of the mages that we had encountered in our previous mission. She was the green haired mage that had both turned me to stone and teleported away with Elliot. What I had found was that she lived in Marr and she frequently visited a local tavern.

I immediately returned to Zephyr and shared this information with everyone else. It was agreed upon by the group that we should try to capture her so we could find out where they took Elliot. I was given control of the mission by Alicia. Before leaving I gave the standing order that there was to be absolutely no killing during this mission.

I split us into two teams. Myself, Dominick, and Furion would be posted outside of the tavern she frequented. I didn’t want to take the chance that she would recognize us from the warehouse so we would be hidden amongst the crowd. We also refrained from using any magic so we wouldn’t run the risk that she would detect it.

Cecil, Sebastian, and Goric were inside the tavern, and were tasked with luring her to the door so that we could get her into Zephyr so she would be unable to simply teleport away.

Thanks mostly to Cecil, they were able to lure her to the door and open it into Zephyr. Before she had a chance to realize what was going on, Cecil tripped her in through the door and shut it behind him.

Goric used his ring to allow the rest of us through and we arrived to see Cecil on the ground with Rydia standing above him with her boot on his throat.

Our spells yet again had no effect on her, as they simply bounced back at us. She cast a charm spell on Dominick and made him defend her. Attempts at physically combating her were made useless as Dominick kept her safe. Furion and I were able to dispell the charm spell controlling Dominick. Rydia ran for the portals and our attempts to stop her failed as Cecil activated it for her and the both of them left, revealing Cecil to be under her control.

Alicia arrived soon after. She and Goric had to heal me because I had been severely wounded after being hurled into one of the portals. Amadeus came through one of the portals along with Elliot. He has apparently gone on a rescue mission without informing anyone.

A few minutes later Rydia returned through a portal, followed by Cecil who kicked her to the ground. He had tricked her into believing that her charm spell was still in effect, and then knocked her out when the opportunity presented itself.

Alicia removed Rydia’s magic from her and I cast a dominate spell on her. We put her in a room and when she woke up I began to interrogate her. Unfortunately I was unable to gain any reliable information from her. Elliot, Dominick, and Furion came to see how it was going. Furion proposed that we use a slave collar on her. We argued about if we should or not for a few moments. Elliot then grabbed the collar from Furion and then put it on him. Somehow Rydia regained her spells from Alicia and after our brief and unsuccessful attempts to stop them She and Elliot escaped, leaving Furion behind.

Mission Results
  • Elliot was rescued only to be exposed as a traitor.
  • Furion now has a slave collar on him.
  • A large amount of information regarding Zephyr is now in enemy hands.

Report by:Nykolai



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