Mission Report: Attack on Slavers' Collar Supply

Mission:Attacking the slavers’ collar supply
Zephyr Members Involved
Other Individuals Involved
  • Dominick

Amadeus had gathered intel that a large shipment of collars was being purchased in Britannia. So it was decided that we would try to get to it first and destroy the collars before they could be put to use. Upon arriving, we set out to find the buyer so we could figure out where the deal was being made.

We found that he was en route to the city by carriage and had an escort of four guards. We moved in on the carriage and I used a dominate spell on the driver and a sleep spell on the guards. Thanks to poor weather conditions, the buyer was completely unaware of the whole thing, so we took the guards place and continued on.

Shortly after, an individual appeared on the road before us. He introduced himself, as did we, and found that we were after the same thing. His name was Dominick and he proved to be a very adept mage.

Once we arrived at the city we took the carriage to a safe location. I cast silence on the area and then opened the carriage door and quickly cast sleep on the buyer. We then took him into Amadeus’s safe house and tied him to a chair. Using a mix of Furion’s magic and my own allowed us to get the place and time that the deal was scheduled for. Elliot had been sent by Amadeus to scout the area out, much to the surprise of the rest of us.

The initial attack went without any difficulties. Amadeus mercilessly killed almost half the guards while I subdued the rest and replaced them with illusions. I stood guard outside while the rest of the group went in.

The entire thing proved to be a trap. They entered the warehouse to find the place filled with crates of the collars and started to set them on fire. Then the fires disappeared and the warehouse was illuminated revealing two individuals.

Magic seemed to be ineffective against these individuals. Some kind of enchantment on them was causing our spells to be reflected back at us. Elliot attempted to attack one of them but was knocked unconscious in the process. Amadeus also attempted to combat the same individual, but was also rendered unconscious. Upon hearing the combat, I had moved around and entered the building from the other side.

Furion and I believed there to be at least one mage present and we were trying to find them. Dominick managed to get an opening and killed the person who had knocked out Elliot and Amadeus. We had determined that there were two mages present. And while we were trying to find them one of them teleported out with Elliot. I was turned to stone by one of the mages, though Furion was able to reverse the effect.

Soon after, our enemies decided to leave the fight, and they teleported to an unknown location. I find that to be pretty strange since they had obviously been winning that fight. We destroyed the collars in the warehouse, and returned to Zephyr.

Mission Results
  • Warehouse of collars was successfully destroyed.
  • Elliot was taken captive by the enemy.
  • Dominick recruited into Zephyr

Report by: Nykolai



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