Mission Report: Assassin Recruitment

Mission: Recruit the Assassin
Location: Aryan
Zephyr Members Involved
  • Nykolai (Acting Team Leader)
  • Dominick
  • Sebastian
  • Lucan (Minor Informative Capacity)

As we were departing Zephyr, Lucan informed us that we should hurry as we would have little time to find the assassin. Once we arrived at Aryan we attempted to gather information on the assassin to find out their location. I found nothing, but Dominick was able to find through his own methods that the assassin had been hired to kill King Sareth, and she was going to fail.

We stopped her on route to her target and attempted to get her to speak with us. She proved to be unwilling, and used extremely effective illusions to evade us. Dominick suggested a different approach and we allowed her to run away from us. He was able to determine that she was going to meet with the person who hired her and that her employer intended to kill her.

We teleported into the room and I immobilized the guards, Sebastian paralyzed them just to be sure. The assassin then proceeded to slaughter the helpless guards and then murdered her employer. We were then able to convince her to come with us so that Keitaro could speak with her.

I should note that we may have been too forceful in our attempts to get her to speak with us and we more than likely owe her an apology.

Mission Results: Assassin Recruited

Report by: Nykolai


Well done. Keitaro


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