Obsidian Update

Hope everyone enjoyed last week’s session. Just a few things. I’ve begun handing out player EXP for updates here at Obsidian Portal and I just want to clarify what all you can do to earn EXP.

  • Post Adventure Logs, these can be diary entries, mission reports, open letters, etc.
  • Create/Update Wiki pages. There’s plenty that can be updated to the Zephyr page and you can create pages for just about anything. Countries, regions, organizations, events, all this can be made into pages. Also remember that you can post content relating to the events of Genesis 1.
  • Create/Update Character pages. Like with the wiki pages, any character either campaign is eligible. While I create pages for characters, I don’t post any information for them, leaving plenty of opportunities for updates. Feel free to post any information or speculation about characters as well.

Furthermore, I’m always open to suggestions. And feel free to send me any questions.


That is all.

Mission Report: Recruit the Politician
Mission:Recruit the Politician
Zephyr Members Involved

Receiving information that a politician in Damcyan needed our help, Keitaro led a team to the city to find out more. Upon arrival we looked around the city and gathered whatever information we could find. What we were eventually able to uncover was information regarding a politician that still supported the former King Alexander’s beliefs in working with the orcs to secure a more stable and peaceful future.

Considering that we were responsible for removing Alexander from the throne and putting King Gabriel in power, we were pretty much directly responsible for this politicians fall in status.

We went to his estate and was granted an audience with him. Upon meeting him I tried to detect his thoughts and was instantly overwhelmed by the immense speed at which he was capable of thinking. With some effort I was able to end the spell and regain my concentration.

Keitaro explained why we had come to meet with him and asked him to join us. Abel (the politician) conveyed his hesitance, and had good reason to do so. He told us that he believed that sooner or later his political rivals would attempt to have him assassinated. Sebastian and Dominick stayed with Abel while Keitaro and I went to go see what information we could find regarding this.

With a bit of magic and charm I was able to discover that there was indeed an assassination plot against him. The attempt was to be that very night and was to be done by a Black Hand assassin.

Keitaro and I returned and shared this information with the group. Dominick was able to use his own abilities to determine the exact details of how the assassination would occur. We used this information to successfully ambush the assassin and were able to subdue him.

Unable to gain any information directly from the goblin, Sebastian killed it to prevent it from harming anyone else. Dominick used his abilities again and found that King Gabriel was behind the attempt.

Considering all of this, Abel decided to come with us to Zephyr to see how we work and decide then if he wanted to lend us his support.

Mission Results

Report by: Nykolai

Mission Report: Attempted Capture of Rydia
Mission:Attempt to capture Rydia
Location:Marr, Zephyr
Zephyr Members Involved

While in Marr I had found some information regarding one of the mages that we had encountered in our previous mission. She was the green haired mage that had both turned me to stone and teleported away with Elliot. What I had found was that she lived in Marr and she frequently visited a local tavern.

I immediately returned to Zephyr and shared this information with everyone else. It was agreed upon by the group that we should try to capture her so we could find out where they took Elliot. I was given control of the mission by Alicia. Before leaving I gave the standing order that there was to be absolutely no killing during this mission.

I split us into two teams. Myself, Dominick, and Furion would be posted outside of the tavern she frequented. I didn’t want to take the chance that she would recognize us from the warehouse so we would be hidden amongst the crowd. We also refrained from using any magic so we wouldn’t run the risk that she would detect it.

Cecil, Sebastian, and Goric were inside the tavern, and were tasked with luring her to the door so that we could get her into Zephyr so she would be unable to simply teleport away.

Thanks mostly to Cecil, they were able to lure her to the door and open it into Zephyr. Before she had a chance to realize what was going on, Cecil tripped her in through the door and shut it behind him.

Goric used his ring to allow the rest of us through and we arrived to see Cecil on the ground with Rydia standing above him with her boot on his throat.

Our spells yet again had no effect on her, as they simply bounced back at us. She cast a charm spell on Dominick and made him defend her. Attempts at physically combating her were made useless as Dominick kept her safe. Furion and I were able to dispell the charm spell controlling Dominick. Rydia ran for the portals and our attempts to stop her failed as Cecil activated it for her and the both of them left, revealing Cecil to be under her control.

Alicia arrived soon after. She and Goric had to heal me because I had been severely wounded after being hurled into one of the portals. Amadeus came through one of the portals along with Elliot. He has apparently gone on a rescue mission without informing anyone.

A few minutes later Rydia returned through a portal, followed by Cecil who kicked her to the ground. He had tricked her into believing that her charm spell was still in effect, and then knocked her out when the opportunity presented itself.

Alicia removed Rydia’s magic from her and I cast a dominate spell on her. We put her in a room and when she woke up I began to interrogate her. Unfortunately I was unable to gain any reliable information from her. Elliot, Dominick, and Furion came to see how it was going. Furion proposed that we use a slave collar on her. We argued about if we should or not for a few moments. Elliot then grabbed the collar from Furion and then put it on him. Somehow Rydia regained her spells from Alicia and after our brief and unsuccessful attempts to stop them She and Elliot escaped, leaving Furion behind.

Mission Results
  • Elliot was rescued only to be exposed as a traitor.
  • Furion now has a slave collar on him.
  • A large amount of information regarding Zephyr is now in enemy hands.

Report by:Nykolai

Mission Report: Attack on Slavers' Collar Supply
Mission:Attacking the slavers’ collar supply
Zephyr Members Involved
Other Individuals Involved
  • Dominick

Amadeus had gathered intel that a large shipment of collars was being purchased in Britannia. So it was decided that we would try to get to it first and destroy the collars before they could be put to use. Upon arriving, we set out to find the buyer so we could figure out where the deal was being made.

We found that he was en route to the city by carriage and had an escort of four guards. We moved in on the carriage and I used a dominate spell on the driver and a sleep spell on the guards. Thanks to poor weather conditions, the buyer was completely unaware of the whole thing, so we took the guards place and continued on.

Shortly after, an individual appeared on the road before us. He introduced himself, as did we, and found that we were after the same thing. His name was Dominick and he proved to be a very adept mage.

Once we arrived at the city we took the carriage to a safe location. I cast silence on the area and then opened the carriage door and quickly cast sleep on the buyer. We then took him into Amadeus’s safe house and tied him to a chair. Using a mix of Furion’s magic and my own allowed us to get the place and time that the deal was scheduled for. Elliot had been sent by Amadeus to scout the area out, much to the surprise of the rest of us.

The initial attack went without any difficulties. Amadeus mercilessly killed almost half the guards while I subdued the rest and replaced them with illusions. I stood guard outside while the rest of the group went in.

The entire thing proved to be a trap. They entered the warehouse to find the place filled with crates of the collars and started to set them on fire. Then the fires disappeared and the warehouse was illuminated revealing two individuals.

Magic seemed to be ineffective against these individuals. Some kind of enchantment on them was causing our spells to be reflected back at us. Elliot attempted to attack one of them but was knocked unconscious in the process. Amadeus also attempted to combat the same individual, but was also rendered unconscious. Upon hearing the combat, I had moved around and entered the building from the other side.

Furion and I believed there to be at least one mage present and we were trying to find them. Dominick managed to get an opening and killed the person who had knocked out Elliot and Amadeus. We had determined that there were two mages present. And while we were trying to find them one of them teleported out with Elliot. I was turned to stone by one of the mages, though Furion was able to reverse the effect.

Soon after, our enemies decided to leave the fight, and they teleported to an unknown location. I find that to be pretty strange since they had obviously been winning that fight. We destroyed the collars in the warehouse, and returned to Zephyr.

Mission Results
  • Warehouse of collars was successfully destroyed.
  • Elliot was taken captive by the enemy.
  • Dominick recruited into Zephyr

Report by: Nykolai

Notice for Zephyr
New Books Available.

I took the liberty of purchasing some books for the library. Please visit to see if you would be interested in them. The books are skill related and can be very useful to just about anyone.

Book List
  • Treat Injury
  • Tactics
  • History
  • Lore
  • Sense Motive
  • Tracking
  • Diplomacy
  • Vineyards
  • Gathering Information
  • Perception

If you have any further suggestions, or additions you would like to see to our library, please let me know.


The Time is Near
A Letter from Founder Keitaro

It has been ten years and we’ve come so far. Zephyr has finally reached the point to put our ideals into practice.

After we tie up our one unfortunate loose end, we begin the project; Zephyr will become known. Obviously, the location will still remain a secret but its inhabitants will be known. We will introduce ourselves throughout the land.

After that, any skills and abilities at our disposal will be used to better life for the people. I want everyone to begin thinking of ideas for what they can do. Maybe it is in your ability to make soil more fertile, then travel to the farmlands and do it in front of people. Can you heal? Run to the clinics whenever you can.

Zephyr is here for the people. We need them to know that anything and everything we do is for the good of the people…for the good of the world.

Keitaro, founder of Zephyr.

Mission Report: Assassin Recruitment
Mission: Recruit the Assassin
Location: Aryan
Zephyr Members Involved
  • Nykolai (Acting Team Leader)
  • Dominick
  • Sebastian
  • Lucan (Minor Informative Capacity)

As we were departing Zephyr, Lucan informed us that we should hurry as we would have little time to find the assassin. Once we arrived at Aryan we attempted to gather information on the assassin to find out their location. I found nothing, but Dominick was able to find through his own methods that the assassin had been hired to kill King Sareth, and she was going to fail.

We stopped her on route to her target and attempted to get her to speak with us. She proved to be unwilling, and used extremely effective illusions to evade us. Dominick suggested a different approach and we allowed her to run away from us. He was able to determine that she was going to meet with the person who hired her and that her employer intended to kill her.

We teleported into the room and I immobilized the guards, Sebastian paralyzed them just to be sure. The assassin then proceeded to slaughter the helpless guards and then murdered her employer. We were then able to convince her to come with us so that Keitaro could speak with her.

I should note that we may have been too forceful in our attempts to get her to speak with us and we more than likely owe her an apology.

Mission Results: Assassin Recruited

Report by: Nykolai

Things might actually be getting better.
From the Journal of Dais

At last! The group is all back together. Well….with the exception of Rinaru, who apparently has been working for not only Daedra(yes I’ll say his real name dammit!) but also Loki, right behind our backs. That traitorous double-dealing bastard. But he got what he deserved, a shot to the back of the head and then frozen and shattered into tiny pieces by Zexion. I’m sure that did the trick, though I’ve seen Rinaru come back from some pretty devastating injuries. So who knows? Either way, the group is back together, and we’re working to help the elves of Mitra’Nora deal with Daedra and his minions.

But lets go back a bit, to how we got to that point.

Zexion, Rinaru, and myself set out to Zexion’s old fortress where he says his ship should be. Of course, thanks to the planar binding, we can’t use any kind of fast transit, so we took the long way. We went first by horseback, Zexion kept us at a pretty grueling pace, until we couldn’t bring the horses any farther. Then we walked the rest of the way. One of the nights, when we were getting up to press on, Zexion got up, and took a seemingly random shot at me with his pistol. First thing that came to mind was “DODGE!”, second thing was “WTF, I thought you were on our side”. But I turned around to find that the shot was not meant for me, but for the bastard who appeared right behind me…Loki. After being shot, Loki went into his dark spirit form, and Zexion responded with a little red crystal, which I’m guessing would have trapped him. But Loki got away. We looted his corpse, I got the Book back, and Zexion discovered Loki had been using a telepathic back door in my head to track our progress. He got rid of the back door, and we continued on.

Once we got to Zexion’s fortress, he took control of it and had his machines clear the place out. We had to fight a big construct, but it was dealt with quickly enough. The enemy tried to flee on Zexion’s ship, and we were stalled with three of Zexion’s corrupted androids and a demon. Zexion went ahead of us to stop the ship, and three of Zexion’s uncorrupted androids, Rinaru, and myself dealt with what was left behind. The androids fought each other and the good ones won, and I cut the demon’s wings off and ripped its heart out.

Zexion returned with his ship, and we started to get on board. That’s when Zexion blew the back of Rinaru’s head off, and revealed that the asshole of a devil had been working for Daedra behind our backs. So we looted his body, and reduced it to tiny little frozen pieces and continued on to Mitra’Nora. Along the way we found Oni in a cell on the ship, apparently without any of his abilities. First thought “Haha, that’s what you get for going off for blood magic”, second thought “That really sucks, because now we are down one powerful ally”. But onward we went.

Upon arriving at the city, we were escorted to the library where we were told Miles and the rest of the group were currently at. After a short update there, I had only one thing on my mind. This was the biggest library I had ever seen and I just had to check and see if they had anything that they could offer a near powerless Me. The librarian was helpful, and set me up with a book on Spatial magic, and Rune magic(which looks to be rather complicated). Oni also got the idea to look into Tattoo magic. So we got a book on it, and went with Miles to go see someone about it.

Just when things were getting good, they went and got better. Valanon showed up with a friend who turns out is Jerle’s sister, and had a good bit of news to share. Penndarin is dead! He also had a book left behind by Dearin that seemed to have information on how to use the corruption against its masters. After a bit of fiddling about with it, Oni got it open, apparently because he had the intent to use its knowledge. Miles and Oni used the information inside it to inscribe runes and spells into Oni(similar to the ones used on Will). This has allowed him to use the corruption without being controlled by our enemy, and through it, he can channel blood magic.

Not much else was done after that. Zexion helped me to activate the Dragonborn DNA that I had obtained, and Miles taught me a bit about finesse in combat. After a bit of sparring with Valanon, Ventrace, and Oni, I decided to go off to write this journal entry and read up some more on Spatial magic. So with this all written, I’m off to learn some new tricks.

Free at last, but imprisoned by unforseen circumstances

My deed is done, Penndarin is finally dead. Though as hard as I try, the satisfaction of finally avenging Jerle was short lived. I have come to believe that destroying Penndarin has destroyed a part of who I was. To kill a monster, it takes a monster, and that is what I fear I have become. I destroyed his spirit, there is no return for him. But was it worth it in the end? That is a question that will haunt me for the rest of my days.

Yes, he killed my best friend, and yes I took great satisfaction out of destroying and absorbing his spirit, but it felt to me as though something was missing… until I saw her. I am free of being twisted with hatred, but I feel as though I am imprisoned in my own feelings. Every time I look at her, I feel a great sense of respect and another feeling I haven’t felt since the last time i saw Alasaria. This feeling puzzles me, and goes deeper than the way I felt towards Alasaria. I can’t figure out why I am so compelled to keep her from harm, perhaps it’s because she is Jerle’s sister, but i don’t think it’s that. It seems as though there’s more to me than i thought. I find it impossible to worry about my own safety and well-being before i worry about hers, it worries me. I’ve never felt this way about anyone or anything… I suppose I will have to wait it out and see what happens. Is this love, or just a connection between our fates? Was Jerle meant to die? Is it my fate to meet her, to protect her? I don’t know what my feelings are doing to me. I feel…. happy… a feeling I have not felt in quite some time..

Jerle came to me in my dreams and told me to let go of the past, and look towards the future. Is this it? Am I actually destined for greatness, am I meant for something more? I have slain Penndarin, the man who has driven me to the point of insanity, the man who has kept me hating him for so long that I have been determined not to die until his last breath was released. I have also gained forgiveness from Jerle for killing him, and for failing to keep him alive through his transformation due to the corruption. I have only two things left to do before I can die happy, gain Alasaria’s forgiveness for saying all of the hateful things I said to her and hold my promise to Jerle and keep his sister alive. But is it just a promise? or something more? I’m lost…

Valanon Thalos

The hunt for the proclaimed Demon Emperor

This log begin right after the Great Corruption Dragon was slew by the help of Alex’s book. Upon the completion of this once again great feat of the party members they continued on towards their objective.

Without missing a beat another problem appears Loki shows up. Ventrace has to say “right on cue”. Loki has his talk with the party, steals Ventrace’s ability Sacred Energy, and then has his way with the party. Dais and Alex have a bit of turmoil and begin to spout nonsense about the book which of course Loki hears. Then with out missing a beat again Loki steals said book from Alex’s bag. With his new found toy Loki leaves but without leaving the party with something to play with of course. His Dark Spirit begins to attack right after Loki’s body disapears. Amist the fight Alex’s body becomes possesed by Loki’s spirit. Upon noticing Ventrace deals a final blow to rid the party of Loki but of course he escapes from the body which leaves the party with one less member.

Managing to survive another of Loki’s games the party marches forward. After exiting the mountain pass from which they came the scenery widens and begins to change to what one would say and deserted flatland. Off in the distance to the west the party sees what they assume to be an army headed towards Shian. Upon close review they notice the flags they carry. One of the character Ventrace notices is from within shian’s temple meaning Warlord. With the help of Alex whom desifers the second character comes up with a name. Which is assumed to be the leader of that army. With this large army the party is unable to pass through the flatlands without being noticed so they decide to travel across the bay to the east. With this they travel undisturbed for about 2 days when they all decide to stop and rest. Ventrace decides to meditate and he wants to know the where abouts of Miles to see how he has progressed. Within meditation Dias notices, or so we assume to be Dais Ventrace still seem to have the ability Sacred Energy. Ventrace still trying to find a fixed location on Miles gets a feeling of his presence east of the rakamesh.


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